Leather processing, say goodbye to 5 difficulties!

Leather processing, say goodbye to 5 difficulties!

In the face of leather nesting, cutting and other processes 5 difficulties: many categories, complex processes, multiple needs can not be met, low utilization, high energy consumption ......, manufacturing industry, how to solve?

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上篇讲述了制造业的发展现状和IoT Bridge的研究历程,本文我们将会详细介绍:IoT Bridge如何应用现实并帮助龙运集团实现智能化推动生产。

How far from manufacturing to "intelligent" manufacturing (next)

In the previous article, we talked about the current development of manufacturing industry and the research history of IoT Bridge. In this article, we will introduce in detail: how IoT Bridge can be applied to reality and help Longyun Group to achieve intelligent driving production.



Smart Industrial bees, make industry sweet

On March 30, 2022, GBOS opened an online exhibition with the theme of "Less consumption- Digital revolution for leather cutting", and the world's first oscillating knife cutting machine - VC9-960 Smart industrial bee became the eye-catching focus.


川东地区规模最大的运动鞋生产商-龙运集团,是一家与李宁、百丽、达芙妮等知名品牌合作的企业。2020年龙运集团全面开启智能化、数字化进程。引进IoT Bridge,作为智能制造的数字化管理支撑。

How far from manufacturing to "intelligent" manufacturing (above)

LongYun Group, the largest sports shoes manufacturer in east Sichuan province ,China, is a company that cooperates with famous brands such as Li Ning, Belle and Daphne, etc. In 2020, LongYun Group started the process of intelligence and digitalization comprehensively. IoT Bridge is introduced as the digital management support of intelligent manufacturing.