We plan to expand our production facilities in India and Europe

We plan to expand our production facilities in India and Europe

We plan to expand our production facilities in India and Europe

Gbos laser company has been committed to the research and development, innovation, production and sales of high-end laser system. Wen Liu, chief executive of gbos laser, shared details of the company's future investment and expansion plans.

Q. What is the market size of global laser equipment? At what rate does it grow?

A. The global laser equipment market is about 10 billion US dollars, increasing by 10% every year.

Q. What is the usage rate of gbos laser in textile, footwear and leather industry?

A. In Asia, gbos laser has a 10% market share in the textile, footwear and leather industries.

Q. In the textile industry, what is the proportion of laser cutting and cleaning in label, clothing and denim cleaning?

A. In this area, gbos laser has a 50% share in the label field and a 10% share in the clothing and denim washing field.

Q. Which is your biggest market?

A. At present, shoes and clothing are our biggest markets.

Q. What markets do you plan to enter in the near future? What drives demand in these areas?

A. In the near future, we will penetrate into the automatic and customized denim washing market. Environmental issues and industry 4.0 are the main reasons for our access to these areas.

Q. What are the latest trends and innovations in your industry?

A. Personalization and customization will bring new product innovation.

Q. What exhibition will gbos laser attend this year? What innovations will be demonstrated?

A. We will participate in ITMA in Shanghai, where we will show cowboy laser cleaning system, V series intelligent cutting system and xxp 3D dynamic laser marking system.

Q, China, one belt, one road, what is your expectation?

A. According to the national policy, we hope to expand the layout of overseas market.

Q. Where do you plan to expand your production facilities in China and abroad?

A. We plan to expand our manufacturing facilities to India and Europe.

Q. How much budget have you allocated for R & D?

A. Every year, we provide about 3 million yuan of support for new products in the R & D department.

Date of issue: September 20, 2016

Link: http://www.fibre2fashion.com/interviews/face2face/gbos-laser/wen-liu/1278-1/

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