Laser marking machine ae well others, why it‘s called "King"?

Laser marking machine ae well others, why it‘s called "King"?

  1. Fast speed.
  2. High precision.
  3. Flexible.

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△ Eco-friendly leather laser marking

1) Multi-functional all in one: Cutting(Also for kiss-cut), marking, engraving, hollowing, perforating…

2) With clean edge.

3) 10 times faster than normal laser cutter.

4) Multi-dimensional suction system, environmental protection.

laser leather engraving gif.gif  laser marking machine .jpg

△ Die-less laser marking pin holes.

1) Equipped with camera identify system, high positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm.

2) ​Fast speed: 2 seconds/11 holes.

laser marking pin holes .gif  shoe upper .jpg

△ Insole complex graphics laser marking.

1) Customers' logo, name, number and other customized graphics can be completely soon.

laser marking machine .gif  insole laser mark .jpg


△ Flexible

1) No matter small-volume, large-variety orders, customized orders or large volume orders… can quickly response customers.



Applied to multi-application, multi-material: Insole, midsole laser marking, flying knit upper laser marking pin holes…

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