Unlock the "breathing" requirement demands of sportswear!

Unlock the "breathing" requirement demands of sportswear!

Recently, the most popularfor sports and fitness enthusiasts is undoubtedly Liu Genghong. Under his leadership, he has set off a nationwide fitness boom. In this boom, the demandfor sportswear is directly driven, according to Euromonitor data, in 2021, the global sportswear retail market will reach US$666.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 22% in 2020, and will maintain a high growth rate of 7.5% in the next 5 years, reaching US$955.4 billion in 2026.

According to multiple authoritative data, the demand for sportswear industry will continue to show a high growth rate, and sportswear related products will begin to bring new business opportunities. But with the rise of diversified consumption in the "Z" Generation, what new demands will the sportswear industry face in the future?



Synonymous with "Z" Generation - Fashion, Senseless, Comfortable, Breathable
"Z" Generation has gradually mastered the right to speak of fashion trends, and is the main force in trend discovery, experimentation, and dissemination. To understanding their new trends is the key to mastering the new trends. Whether it is a cutting-edge brand or a mature brand seeking a new direction, understanding and responding quickly to the needs of "Z" Generation is the key to unlocking new trend! Fashion, senseless and comfortable, and breathability, and quality are their needs for sportswear. In the face of this surge in demand, as major brands and manufacturers, how to master and unlock this "demand key"?



Unlock Z Generation 's New Demand Easily with GBOS XXP3
Whether it is for brands or manufacturers, if they want to quickly update clothing and product quality, the most important thing is on the manufacturing side. Manufacturers want to make sportswear that meets fashion's needs, contains senseless, fashion, comfortable and breathable functions, etc. This will require the support of a high-tech device to win the favor of consumers. Therefore, GBOS launched the XXP3 series of high-speed marking and cutting machine, allowing manufacturers to make soft and breathable sportswear!


This high-speed marking and cutting machine fulfills all your fantasies about the breathable holes.
1. High-speed laser perforation:
Fast laser marking breathable holes: 300 breathable holes/s.
2. Automatic locked edge, smooth and senseless edges: Laser perforating breathable holes, the size is the same and can be adjusted.
3. No material restrictions: Cotton materials, high-elastic fabrics and other new fabrics are suitable.
4. The details are perfectly presented: No burrs, no burns, no yellowing.
Suit for all kinds of innovative materials with breathable holes: yogawear, sun protective clothes, sportswear, ball clothes, swimwear, down jackets, hat.
Looking forward to the future, China's sportswear market demand is immeasurable. GBOS will work with major brands and manufacturers to seize the new opportunities, and win the favor of many consumers for major brands in this competition!

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