Focus on industry standards, to create the "hexagonal soldier" for outdoor jackets.

Focus on industry standards, to create the "hexagonal soldier" for outdoor jackets.

Nowadays, outdoor sports such as camping and hiking have become the most popular lifestyle for consumers.
Under this popularity, the demand for products in the outdoor sports category continues to increase. Among them, more and more brands are focusing more on the outdoor race because of the richness of the functions and diversity of the outdoor sports scenarios, which has driven the scale growth of the outdoor race.





How to define the standard for outdoor jackets?

As a highly functional apparel, the outdoor jacket is very different from ordinary sports jackets, both in terms of usage scenarios and production processes. The major brands are using the power of science and technology to develop a more intelligent outdoor jacket, and continuously meet the functional requirements of users of outside sporting goods at the same time, for how to establish a new consumer awareness and common sense, how to define the functionality of the outdoor jacket.


Waterproof, Windproof, Flexible, Lightweight, Wear resistant, Breathable

Based on the doubts of the brands, and based on the insight and research on the standard of the rash jacket category, Tmall Outdoor Sports together with ISPO platform summarized and concluded the " standard hexagon for outdoor jackets", that is: waterproof, windproof, breathable, wearable, light weight and flexible. Since the standardization of this standard, it not only establishes more practical selection guidelines for consumers, but also leads major manufacturers of assault clothing to establish product performance standards and lock the direction of technical research and development.


sewfree .jpg



GBOS seamless process solutions, help break through technical barriers in manufacturing processes

In the background of such strict national production standards in the assault jacket industry, there are large technical barriers to the production of outdoor jackets. In order to development, the industry must develop new materials, new designs and production processes to achieve the standard of "standard hexagonal".
And for how to create a standard production process for the outdoor jacket, GBOS gave a classic answer to the question: SEAMLESS PROCESS SOLUTIONS.


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GBOS seamless process solutions

The 5 advantages of GBOS seamless process solutions help manufacturers to accelerate product iteration and upgrade to produce products that meet the "standard hexagonal shape for outdoor jackets".

1. Seamless pocket cutting: no yellow, no burnt, no black edges.

2. Mold-free cutting: computerized drawing to reduce auxiliary materials.

3. Sustainable cutting solutions: more environmentally friendly materials matched with more environmentally friendly cutting processes.

4. New seamless process: Developed specifically for the seamless process, to help produce products that meet the "standard hexagonal shape for outdoor jackets".

5. Super high efficiency, super high output: complete 1 seamless pocket cutting/2 seconds (XXP3 series model); multi-layer cutting process to speed up production (VC9 series model).


At a time when outdoor sports emphasize professionalism and functionality more than other sports, from promoting product innovation to helping create waterproof, windproof, breathable, wearable, lightweight and flexible rashers, GBOS has taken another key step in the application of seamless processes in outdoor sports categories such as outdoor jackets.

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