CO2 laser cutting reflective strip, shining night road.

CO2 laser cutting reflective strip, shining night road.

Up to now, reflective materials have been used in the world for more than 100 years. Because Europe and America and other regions use reflective materials earlier, they occupy the main market share in this field. However, with the rapid development of China, coupled with some national policy support, it also gradually makes the enterprises engaged in the application of reflective material gradually grow.

In recent years, with various enterprises for the application of materials to broaden the scope, process deepening and refinement, so that reflective materials used to many important areas. Such as: fashion apparel, exquisite bags, safety traffic signs, etc.


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Subtle Gap Catch-up

In the market demand is constantly released, the current productivity is able to meet the needs of all kinds of multi-level manufacturing and consumption. However, if compared with other well-known brands, we still need to continue to refine our R&D, technology and process innovation capabilities.


The way of refinement is not only from introducing talents with many years of experience in the field. We also need to empower our manufacturing productivity by introducing modern, intelligent and data-based smart manufacturing equipment. The subtle gap is hard to catch up, but if you choose the right way, it must be easy to erase.




Technology helps enable international success

As an innovative company with 17 years of experience in the field of flexible materials and smart manufacturing applications. In recent years, GBOS has cooperated with many head enterprises in the reflective material industry, bringing them more convenient, efficient and sophisticated one-stop intelligent application solutions. It has brought them a solid backing force to broaden the market.

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XXP3.2-180-AT-CCD (RuiDa series high efficiency cutting machine), on the basis of quality assurance, can give enterprises more personalized and diversified process innovation ability. Let enterprises create their own unique competitive advantage.

XXP3 Rui Da series, can be effectively guaranteed in the basic performance of.

  • Dieless cutting: Intelligent laser cutting to quickly realize die-free full-cutting and half-cutting process of reflective strips.
  • Automatic feeding device: Realize automatic feeding after coil cutting to enhance production efficiency.
  • Responding to multiple process needs: Laser punching and cutting of reflective strips at one time.
  • Adopt imported metal laser tube: Fine spot and good spot quality.

In addition, GBOS intelligent laser cutting solutions can help you increase your profitability by combining technology, process, capacity and market demand.

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