Laser Marking Machine Application in Garment Industry

Laser Marking Machine Application in Garment Industry

As we all known, laser marking machine can be applied in all kinds of industry, like: garment, garment accessories, footwear, gifts, packaging, sign, and other non-metal industry. Also, can used for metal industry…

For GBOS, We mainly focused on researching the garment and footwear industry for 16 years. GBOS R & D team constantly research according to the market demands. Especially the machine: XXP3-180. We call it "GBOS King Laser Marking Machine".

Maybe you have some question in model number XXP3, "3" means the third generation, After the first and second generation of technology, market experience, and the change of customers' needs. We have developed our third generation laser marking machine,  which are more accurate than the previous one. 
What's more, it intergrated for cutting & marking & engraving & hollwing with one machine in garment and shoe industry. It's a laser processing with adopting to non-contact, It will not be harmful to the fabric, So that we can manufacture more comfortable apparel, and apparel with no burrts,no yellow,etc…

Here are some videos about XXP3:

Contact us, GBOS not only be limited to garment and footwear industry, You can find we also involve other industry from videos~


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