Insisting on sustainability, leading a new "green" fashion.

Insisting on sustainability, leading a new "green" fashion.

Denim jeans or garment, for their hardwearing, versatile and aesthetic nature, have always been popular with consumers worldwide. And the natural and healthy image of denim hides the impact it actually has on the environment. This is because the use of dyes and chemicals in manufacturing and the total amount of water required to make a pair of jeans are a drain on nature.

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However, as the concept of sustainable development is gradually being taken into focus, the environmental requirements for denim in many countries and regions are gradually increasing, and the requirements for socially responsible processing companies are becoming increasingly stringent. Therefore, the development of fashionable, high-end and sustainable denim textiles is a necessity.

Fortunately, whether it is denim brands or denim manufacturers, they are actively taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of denim manufacturing. Reduce the amount of water wasted through modern, digital and intelligent equipment, and actively move towards a sustainable future. 


The necessary implementation of these initiatives is essential at a time when sustainability is a high priority. The control of the manufacturing and production side of the product at source is undoubtedly an important step in promoting sustainable development.

GBOS, as a developer of one-stop intelligent laser denim washing equipment. Aiming to provide denim washing technology to enable denim to achieve cleaner production, reduce environmental pollution and make the earth more beautiful. 

At the same time, it does not affect product quality and does not increase production costs, helping denim manufacturers to adapt to the new demands of digitalisation, environmental protection and ecological sustainability of the market, and helping the global denim industry to achieve 0 emission "smart" manufacturing.


Reduce water emissions & water pollution with laser technology

Ripper and PP-Spray can give denim a vintage feel. The technique used to achieve this style is known as washing. The traditional washing process requires a lot of water consumption. With the development of GBOS laser denim washing solution and the launch of S-Denim 6.0 system, enables enterprises to easily complete all processes such as: Ripper, Grinding, PP-Spray, Whisker, All-printing all in one! The entire process without any water consumption also keeps the clear, natural character of the jeans.

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Reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment with laser technology

GBOS has developed its own laser technology for PP-Spray and other artcraft. The new technology has also been continuously innovated to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the mining of pumice and the use of harmful chemicals such as potassium permanganate, in order to protecting the health of workers to the greatest extent possible.

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This is just the beginning. GBOS is still keeping on working hard! GBOS is willing to work with major enterprises to open up the "green denim" intelligent manufacturing.

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