Garment Accessories | "Bend the road", are you ready?

Garment Accessories | "Bend the road", are you ready?

There are millions of attitudes towards life, and " rotten" is one of them. The " rotten" is not a synonym for negative energy, but a survival strategy. The process of " rotten" eases the anxiety of facing up to the difficulties. Just as garment production enterprises, how to adjust the strategy in the complex and changing market environment, to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading.


In a post-modernist society, people's demand for clothing is no longer only to meet practicality, but more as a channel to express their personality and emotions. This is also the case with labels, which use fabrics as a medium to bring unique characteristics and styles to each garment. It is an important part of clothing with material beauty and spirituality.


The moment-to-moment changes in communication channels and user needs have somewhat accelerated the speed of trend changes. As customers' requirements for product quality, stability and delivery rate increase, it also creates a new test for manufacturing companies. In response, GBOS has launched the Label Laser Cutting Machine GN1080CCD-AT with the core demand of improving product production quality and doubling production capacity.



Integrated automatic feeding laser cutting machine

GN1080CCD-AT, as a new generation of label laser cutting machine, is designed for all kinds of roll marking and patching. Adopt real integrated feeding system to save half of labor. Upgrade to solve the problem of small and large edges that occur with laser cutting. Effectively improve production efficiency and ensure high precision and high quality cutting.
Applicable materials: woven, embroidery, printed labels, etc.



Powerful configuration for efficient production

Using GN1080CCD-AT can help companies to efficiently carry out production operations

  • 360 degree arbitrary angle positioning cutting with ±0.2mm cutting accuracy (the best in the industry).
  • Automatic identification of defective products.
  • Integrated feeding system, continuous feeding of unlimited lengths, saving labor by 50%.
  • Humanized operating system, simple and easy to learn, 1 person to see (3-5 units)
  • Classic models, stable and low maintenance.


In the future, GBOS will continue to base on user insights and pain points, and continue to increase R&D upgrades for all phases of the product to help enterprises explore better solutions and create more growth opportunities.



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