Let's celebrate 8th anniversary of "GBOS Charity Foundation"!

Let's celebrate 8th anniversary of "GBOS Charity Foundation"!

May 12th, 2014,
"GBOS Charity Foundation" was founded in the witness of customersand friends.
In the past eight years, we are not afraid of difficulties.
Withthe footsteps and sweat witnessed our initial heart

Through the whole past journey,
thanks for every customers and friends,
thanks for all of you that help conveying love.
 Bacause of you, "GBOS Charity Foundation" feel so proud!

It's our pleasure that "GBOS Charity Foundation" is 8 years old today.
In this special day, let's pass on our best wishes to "GBOS Charity Foundation"!


Dedication of love, helping others.
With love in your heart—that is charity.
A donation, a loving heart.
A helping hand, a responsibility.
We believe that each act of kindness will sow a seed in someone's heart sometime.
Although the growth proceeding of the seeds can't be known,
time will record and store it up.
Gathering strength because of love, let the warmth more shiny!


In the past eight years, the journey of love never stop.
Let's have a look where we went in the past years.



In 2014, visited the poor families in Nanshan village, Heyuan city,
In 2015, Shajing primary school in Longmen county, Huizhou city,
In 2016, visited the poor families inLongmen county, Huizhou city,
In 2017, "Warm Action, Let Love Continue"in Rongjiang county, Guizhou city,
In 2018, "Gathering Love to Realize Dreams, Go to Guizhou Again" in Gelong primary school, Bakai town, Rongjiang county, Guizhou city
In 2019, "New Starting , NewBlooming", Longmen county, Huizhou city,
In 2020, "Gobi, A Group of People Expeditionfor Love, Helping Students with you"  52.1KM Gobi hiking for donation.
In 2020, students support in Ningyuan county, Hunan city.
In 2021, school uniform donation for 800students in Ningyuan county, Hunan city.
In 2022, support people in difficulty.


In the future, we will go to more places.
In the future, we will pass on more warmth. 
In the future, there will be more and more partners to go with us!
Public welfare comes from the heart.
We hope more and more people will join hands to contribute to society, 
to pass on warmth and spread positiveenergy.

Note: RMB 50-1000 will be donated tocharity for every GBOS machine you buy.


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