GBOS LASER New products release Conference in 2015

GBOS LASER New products release Conference in 2015

January 10, 2015 saw the most advanced four domestic laser application devices (XXP3S, XXP5-300, All new B series, M2) as successfully promoted by GBOS Laser after 4 years of R&D and trial for six months. 

Having passed all kinds of strict standards both at home and abroad, these four models are key products in the domestic laser intelligent application field. In particular, some models fill the gap of lots of patents in this research field. 

They truly stand for “Made in China” and show the sophistication of modern industrial design completely, ranging from their body curve and appearance, the core components to structures inside the devices and their perfect application.

Unpiloted intelligent operation

The machine XXP3S laser intelligent continuous marking and hollowing, which is deemed as airplane carrier in this field.
Applied industries: Garment, leather products, craft gift, packaging and ads. 
Applied materials: Batch hollowing and carving of twist leather, cloth and flexible fabric. 
It is the only laser-based full-automatic feed system for volume production in China, with the advantages such as saving labor force, materials and time and high continuous working efficiency. It can complete many procedures (piercing, carving, incision and lineation) at one time. The dual workbenches can be used flexibly and work area is adjustable (10+1), what is 10? 10 here means that its efficiency is ten times higher than that of a double-headed cutting system; 1 means it assembles all functions of automatic feed system of XXP3. 

Innovation, efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation. 

XXP5 jeans laser environmentally friendly washing system 
Applied industries: Garment, home textile and decoration, etc. 
Applied materials: Nonmetallic materials such as leather, denim.
This type of device is featured by:
1. Innovation: XXP5 finishes water washing in virtue of the advanced international laser technologies, by irradiating on such materials as jeans and fabrics according to the processing principle of radiation by laser beam. 
2. Efficiency: The pattern of cat whiskers on a pair of jeans is finished in 10s.
3. Environmental protection: It is unnecessary to add any chemical substance during the process of water washing, healthy and pollution-free work environment keeps staff healthy both physically and mentally and is favored by customers. 
4. Energy conservation: 50 L waters can be saved for each pair of jeans compared with traditional process.

Full automatic feed and continuous volume production. 

Applied industries: Textile buttons
Applied materials: Plastic, wood, vegetation, ivory, leather, paper, cardboard, dacron, painted metal, glass, marble, granite, ceramic, bone, pearl, cloth, etc. 
All new B series is a dedicated device for button marking, mainly for button design and optimization on button laser carve. The sealed CO2 laser equipped with the device can be applied for carving, incision, polishing and piercing of buttons and can be installed on all specifications of button machines with very simple application. Those characteristics such as high-speed stability and low cost provide a new option for button carving process. 

M2 is the dedicated device for delamination incision of PE Film
M2 is a new model developed for protection film with imported linear guide and Panasonic servo driving at the motion part, embedded computer control, high-speed processing technology of DSP and the main Lenovo PC which can adjust place in time and be operated offline. The humanized operation interface can store 128 M processing documents at most and it can be arbitrarily shifted of laser rate and carving speed with its professional independent control software. In conclusion, it is the premium choice for screen film, nonmetal laser cutting, and laser processing centers. 

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