GBOS held the LONG Series Laser Cutting System press conference

GBOS held the LONG Series Laser Cutting System press conference

On December 20, the LONG Series Laser Cutting System produced by GBOS Laser, designed for lace embroidery laser cutting, was introduced at a press conference at the company’s headquarters.

The LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine is new equipment jointly developed by GBOS Laser and the Italian GMI Company (over 20 years industrial experience, which built long-term cooperative relationship with GBOS, to realized the production of world-class LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine). It is a high-performance machine with advanced European technology, high-standard design, fashionable appearance, long service life, and retains high value over time.

The LONG Series Laser Cutting System is specifically designed for Schiffli embroidery machines and lace products cutting. Multiple cutting modes are available: ordinary cutting, high-accuracy pulse cutting of thick materials and engraving.

The LONG Series Laser Cutting System can perform computerized embroidery pattern cutting. Lasers used in the embroidery industry could process a wide scope of fabrics, with smooth incision, automatic closing, and no deformation or other deficiencies. The LONG Series uses a brushless motor to drive the laser head with high processing speed and fast movement speed. Using advanced processing techniques from Italy, under the same conditions, it has faster cutting speed and shorter switching time between embroidery machine heads. With a precision of 0.01 mm. it can move the laser position according to the embroidery requirements. It is flexible and convenient for small laser spot cutting. It can meet a fast processing schedule with a wide cutting range and a wide application scope. The LONG Laser Cutting Machine is capable of processing a variety of materials, such as clothing and accessories, denim, leather, shoe fabrics, home textile, and various decoration fabrics. The technology of LONG Laser Cutting Machine is mature, with less failure. It can be used for a long time, and automatic cutting saves labor costs and achieves the goal of low costs and high yields for our customers.

With continuous research and development with the Italian GMI Company technicians, LONG Laser has developed this new lace embroidery LONG Series Laser Cutting System, providing more advanced and convenient processing tools for the majority of embroidery production customers. The new models and the development of new technology have attracted global attention of the laser industry, and created a new standard for the development of the laser industry.

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