Safety Requirements of Laser Equipment

Laser belongs to a kind of light beam characterized by high luminance, power and energy with excellent directivity. Strong laser exposure can burn human’s skin and even make eyes blind permanently if exposing to eyes.

Due to the danger of laser, users shall pay special attention to the safety of laser apparatus, so as to avoid damage to the third party. Laser which can not be seen by eyes with the length as infrared wave is produced by the equipment and safety protection must be highly stressed when using it.
In general, large-power laser equipment has very high working voltage. Therefore, excellent earthing protection shall be made to equipment. Non-professional personnel can not open power cabinet or laser shield for any operation so as to avoid electric shock.
Laser product shall be placed where certain electric protection technology has been set.
Installation and maintenance shall be subject to the manual and special attention shall be paid to the place where dangerous signals are marked in the manual.
Only professional personnel can operate the equipment
II. Safety requirements in operation
The user can not operate the laser equipment until all the external conditions (such as power, cooling water) and safeguards are normal.
Please read the equipment instruction manual carefully and pay attention to the safety items
Please wear special laser protection glass before laser operation
During the operation and usage process, never expose eyes or any part of body under the optical path for laser launch.
When the laser is exposed on the metal processed part, strong laser beam may be reflected. Measures must be taken in usage process for shielding or working platform with CLASS I protection capacity shall be used.
Always check whether protection earthing of equipment, safety interlocking switch, emergency button and other safeguards are in normal action when using the equipment.
Cut off power immediately for inspection and maintenance in case of any emergencies.
Please refer to the relevant contents in the manual and operate by professional personnel in course of maintenance
Warning: never use common welding protection glass or sunglass to replace special laser protection glass against 1.064 m wave length, since this can damage eye retina more easily than by naked eyes.
III. Requirements for professional operators
Only the professional personnel undergoing training can operate and maintain the equipment.
For any faults occurred to power equipment, professional electric engineer or professionally trained personnel shall be responsible for maintenance;
The faults of cooling system shall be maintained by air conditioning technician or trained personnel.