Laser Coding Technology-Knowledge about Laser Code Machine

Laser coding machine has revolutionized traditional laser marking with higher laser marking speed. Compared with ink coding machine, it has lower operation costs and excellent coding effect and the mark will not made permanently. It is the most economic and effective coding scheme at present. No ink is required for the machine, which can save operation cost significantly. It thus belongs to the environmentally friendly product in new generation. Nozzle cleaning and change of easily-worn parts for oil ink coding become unnecessary. Laser coding machine has been widely used in many foreign industries, for instance, trademark logo for auto parts, electronics, building materials, hardware, food, drugs, liquor and tobacco.
      Optical Doctor laser coding machine has been widely used in tobacco industry and the laser coding machine specially developed for tobacco industry can reach high-quality coding effect and satisfy the requirements of laser coding of different cigarette package material surfaces. The high-speed laser anti-counterfeiting marker mainly consists of radio frequency pulse laser system, fast galvanometer scanning system, computer control display system, anti-counterfeiting code recognizer, fast conveying belt and photoelectric controller.
       Optical Doctor laser coding machine can be marked with date/sales certificate No./client No./sales region/tobacco derivative code/serial No./pattern and mark. The speed of laser coding machine is fast and laser coding quality along high-speed line is stable with clear laser coding effect.
        It is a must that laser coding machine is used in drugs and food industry since it is clean without any pollution, free from daily maintenance and consumption, permanent mark and easy to operate. It can better resolve the problems commonly seen in two industries above. 
  Compared with ink jet printing machine, laser coding machine is a kind of more advanced printing technology. Laser is controlled by industrial personal computer to print Chinese and English, pattern or anti-counterfeiting marks on product automatically. The marking speed is fast, clear and elegant and can not be removed, with convenient, reliable, healthy and safe operation, being applicable to the continuous operation of production line.
  In particular, ink is unnecessary, which reduces operation cost of machine and environmental pollution and satisfies people’s requirements for ink safety and low pollution to a large extent. Moreover, it is widely applicable to industries with many applied materials. It has been broadly used in the foreign markets. Laser dividing machine
  Laser coding mark is specially used in alcohol and tobacco industry:  
  1. Strong anti-counterfeiting: mark can not be painted with high scientific contents. Laser marking
  2. Special coding mark: flee goods and forged products can be prevented for the convenience of regional sales management.
  3. The contents of coding mark are basically the same and no adjustment is required for start-up, being convenient for usage.
  4. No materials will be consumed for laser coding and costs can be thus saved. Laser processing
  CO2 online laser machine can be used for coding of the non-metal or non-metal color package materials. YAG online laser coding can be used for metal and hard plastic bottle cover for marking.
  Laser coding and marking equipment is widely applicable to: paper products, wooden products, metal, plastic, glass, organic glass, crystal, white marble, marble, porcelain, artificial stone, rubber, dual color board, leather, cloth, spraying, coating, oxidized metal, etc.