IoT Bridge Platform

You want to upgrade your manufacturing, but meet some problem. Like:  
  • Low level of production management: Heavily dependent on manual management, low degree of automation and informatization, easy to make mistake and low efficiency.      
  • Lack of data base, difficulties in connection with machine: Lots of industrial data is wasted and has no value for you!       
We provide you all solutions!  
  • IoT Bridge   
Integrated with ERP and MES systems: Order pre-scheduling, help you to set up accurate production plans, less stock unprocessed materials; Making the right use of equipment, shorten production periods.  
  • Real-time device management  
Campatible with both laser cutting machine, oscillating knife cutting machine, auto marking line machine. A computer controls the whole production line, you can know the running status and processing information of all machines.
  • Digitalized lean production, enter digital transformation 
OEE display board: Real-time production processes, production date monitoring, material usage and efficiency monitoring. 
Reducing the manual handling with low inefficient and increasing personnel effectiveness. 

Let's enter the era of big data together!