Advantage of using laser marker, laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine for processing

Traditional marking wastes a lot of time and money. The costs become higher but the efficiency is still low. Here we would like to recommend a kind of equipment for you: laser marker, laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine which can be applied in different industries and materials.
    1. Laser marker. The traditional method for manufacturing Fehling, for instance, screen print or wire mark, makes the product easy to remove color and the oil ink may penetrate in the article. What is more, the environmental protection standard of pigment inks can not reach the standard. Differently, laser marking is free from any pigments or paints or any module. It will scan pattern on computer directly and use light beam to print it on product through laser equipment with single color each time. It will not contact the product which may not deform or polluted. Either the common pattern-text or refined ones can be very elegant and permanently saved.
   2. Laser engraving. Many factories adopt mechanical engraving or artificial engraving or pre-sensitized panel and stamping in general but mechanical engraving may deform many articles, and artificial engraving is quite slow and difficult to manufacture with the original dimension and furthermore easy to make mistakes, which makes materials scrap easily. As for pre-sensitized panel and stamping, the module fees are very expenses, articles are easy to deform and rough. Laser engraving can carry out non-contact engraving on product and simulate and optimize artificial panel manufacturing. No module is required and engraving and hollowing of the same product can be finished at the same time. It can finish either common pattern-text or refined mark pattern-text with fast efficiency and lower scrap rate.
   3. Laser cutting. Mechanical CNC cutting machine or cutter impact way is mostly used traditionally and both of them have many disadvantages, for instance, deformation, cracking of fragile products, raw edge and deckle edge of cloth product, large dimension error, material waste and large follow-up processing amount. Laser cutting machine can be said as the best cutting equipment since it has broad application scope and can cut any patterns or several patterns in the same material. It uses straight laser for cutting with small notch but without any small crack. The edge is smooth and complete without any following clean and polishing. The edge of cloth product can be locked directly without any possibility of burred edges or edge deckle. In particular, it can use the clipping of ultra-thin smooth materials and small holes. The advantages and application of such equipment are briefly introduced.
1.When laser is used as processing means, no processing force exists between workpieces. It will not contact the workpiece without any cutting force and small heat effect and without any deformation. It can ensure the original precision of the workpiece.
2. Very precise pattern-text marks can be made on the surface of different kinds of materials with clear and permanent pattern-text marks.
3. Computer automatic cutting, hollowing and drying process. The edge is smooth and complete with small notch and without small cracks. The edge is smooth and complete.
4. Various pattern-text and marks of computer can be directly used without any manufacturing module or auxiliary materials. No matter proofing of single product or large batch production, it can be very convenient and fast and improve working efficiency dramatically.
5.Laser processing has no pollution source and belongs to a kind of clean and pollution-free environmental protection processing technology; the currently used laser markers include YAG laser marker, semi-conductor pumping laser marker, optical laser marker and CO2 laser marker. Moreover, YAG laser, semi-conductor pumping laser marker and optical laser marker are applied in metal materials while CO2 laser marker in non-metal materials.