​With the development of science and technology, it has become a trend to replace oil ink coding machine by laser marker

Laser marker can mark permanently through laser gasifying on the object substance instantly. Marking can be distinguished by eyes without any auxiliary tools, which can help consumers to recognize. Moreover, no materials are consumed and maintenance is also very convenient. Laser marker has broken the standard and single traditional oil ink coding technology and one all new coding way is thus created to stand out product features and brand difference, improve the product competitiveness in the fierce market, shorten product upgrade cycle and provide powerful tools for flexible manufacturing.
    With the continuous development of electronic technology, laser and computer technology are combined organically. The user can realize laser marking output by programming on computer only. Laser marker can mark clearly on several materials or the irregular surface with the unique effect of “one action with two marks” and “perforation mark” and it can not be easily to be forged. Laser can form thin light beam and the thinnest line width on material surface can reach 0.1 mm, so as to provide broad space for precise processing and anti-counterfeiting. Not only complicated characters, patterns, images but also transmitting key-pressing, trademark design, code bar, two-dimensional bar, product numerical order and signature can be marked. Any patterns or characters displayed on fluorescent screen can be marked on the appointed material surface immediately. Laser marker can also improve the appearance image, brand effect and market competitiveness of product.
   The function of random coding or anti-counterfeiting code of laser marker can make each bottle or each small bottle cap with one unique coding, which can be recognized directly, being fast and simple. The price, promotion and other information can also be marked on the package of alcohol to effectively control the sales price of alcohol and prevent market fluctuation.