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Principle and Category of Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding machine is also called laser welder or critical limited welding machine. The working way can be divided into laser module burn-in machine (manual welding machine), automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine and optical transmission laser welding machine. Optical welding is to carry out local heating within small regions of materials through high-energy laser pulse. Laser radiated energy expands to the internal part of material through heat conduction, forming a special molten bath after the materials are melted so as to reach the purpose of welding.

Laser Coding Technology-Knowledge about Laser Code Machine

Laser coding machine has revolutionized traditional laser marking with higher laser marking speed. Compared with ink coding machine, it has lower operation costs and excellent coding effect and the mark will not made permanently. It is the most economic and effective coding scheme at present. No ink is required for the machine, which can save operation cost significantly. It thus belongs to the environmentally friendly product in new generation. Nozzle cleaning and change of easily-worn parts for oil ink coding become unnecessary.

​With the development of science and technology, it has become a trend to replace oil ink coding machine by laser marker

Laser marker can mark permanently through laser gasifying on the object substance instantly. Marking can be distinguished by eyes without any auxiliary tools, which can help consumers to recognize. Moreover, no materials are consumed and maintenance is also very convenient. Laser marker has broken the standard and single traditional oil ink coding technology and one all new coding way is thus created to stand out product features and brand difference, improve the product competitiveness in the fierce market, shorten product upgrade cycle and provide powerful tools for flexible manufacturing.

Advantage of using laser marker, laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine for processing

Traditional marking wastes a lot of time and money. The costs become higher but the efficiency is still low. Here we would like to recommend a kind of equipment for you: laser marker, laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine which can be applied in different industries and materials.
1. Laser marker. The traditional method for manufacturing Fehling, for instance, screen print or wire mark, makes the product easy to remove color and the oil ink may penetrate in the article. What is more, the environmental protection standard of pigment inks can not reach the standard. Differently, laser marking is free from any pigments or paints or any module. It will scan pattern on computer directly and use light beam to print it on product through laser equipment with single color each time. It will not contact the product which may not deform or polluted. Either the common pattern-text or refined ones can be very elegant and permanently saved.

Technical methods for Acrylic Engraving by Laser Engraving Machine

Acrylic (one kind of organic glass)
Acrylic is the mostly common seen engraving material ranking only second to wood. It can be easily cut and engraved with various shapes and sizes and relatively low cost. There are two kinds of production processes for organic glass: casting and calendaring; laser engraving machine mainly adopts casting way for the production of organic glass since the frosting effect after laser engraving is very white, which is totally in contrast with the originally transparent texture. The organic glass produced by calendaring is still transparent after laser engraving without sufficient comparison effect. You need to consult the high purity to the dealer when purchasing organic glass; otherwise, the material may be melted when you engrave or cut it afterwards. 

Safety Requirements of Laser Equipment

Laser belongs to a kind of light beam characterized by high luminance, power and energy with excellent directivity. Strong laser exposure can burn human’s skin and even make eyes blind permanently if exposing to eyes.

Due to the danger of laser, users shall pay special attention to the safety of laser apparatus, so as to avoid damage to the third party. Laser which can not be seen by eyes with the length as infrared wave is produced by the equipment and safety protection must be highly stressed when using it.

If you are about to purchase one laser marker, how will you choose one?

If you are about to purchase one laser marker, how will you choose one? Please refer to the following suggestions:
1) After-sales service:
The laser device of semi-conductor laser marker has certain service life and needs changing after its validity (chip needs changing after aging and it is thus better to select the company with stronger laser device development capacity). This needs strong after-sales service guarantee by the manufacturer, so as to provide all these required materials. Some users may purchase laser marker with lower price from small manufacturers for the sake of saving money and they suddenly find that the manufacturer is no longer there any more when contacting them for changing laser device after certain time.

Working Mechanism and 5 Advantages of Computer Laser Marker

Laser experts have talked a lot about the knowledge on laser engraving machine and laser sealing machine but less about computer laser marker. Some people ever ask something about computer laser marker. Optical doctor hereby gives you some ideas about the advantages of computer laser marker in comparison to the traditional ones.
In comparison to the traditional marking methods such as electrical chemical corrosion, grinding tool stamping and oil ink printing, computer laser marker has the following advantages:
1. Broad application of the marked materials:

Eight Advantages for Laser Marking

Laser marking technology is more widely used in printing field in recent years and laser marking can be applied to several materials, for instance, plastic and rubber, metal and silicon chips. In comparison to the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, network printing and oil ink printing, laser marking is characterized by low cost and high flexibility and can be controlled by computer system. The mark produced on workpiece surface by laser is permanent.