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2020 Footwear & Garment Industry Application Conference Reviewing

December 21, 2020
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More than 200 footwear industry celebrities attend this conference. Before starting this conference, GBOS prepared a sports fashion show for our customers and friends. You can see some photos below! 
Then, GBOS CEO MR LIU WEN stated the current development status and future trend of our footwear & garmnet industry, which is bound to develop towards the small-volume, large-variety orders customized production mode, and the future processing machine is bound to develop towards the direction of artificial intelligence and digital automation. We always strive to create one stop cutting solution with laser & knife cutter!
Also, we published a new machine “LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD ” in this conference, for 5G auto line marking machine, it’s an essential machine for footwear industry! And we define “faster than fast”  for this machine!
Next, GBOS offered you a solution for big date management in footwear industry— IoT Bridge Platform, the IoT Bridge Platform can achieve one machine control all production line. Can achieve real-time device management, digitalized lean production,, enter digital transformation…

Machines in this conference
Laser machine
1. XXP3.2-180-CCD, VisionScan high speed laser marking machine for positioning holes process.
2. GH1570F-AT, Four-head high speed laser cutting machine.
3. V10 SCCD, Dual-head async multifunction laser cutting system.
Digital oscillating knife cutter
1. VC9-1670T/N, Multi-layer smart digital oscillting knife cutter.
2. VC9-1612-P, Small order/Sample model.
3. VC9-1625TT, Genuine leather processing model. 
4. GC850SCCD-P-EP, Workshop/Secondary external cutting machine.
Other automation 
1. LA-GN1280TT-AT-SCCD, Auto line marking machine.
2. R3, Smart robot spraying system.
3. ITS2, Smart nesting system.















PLEASE REMEMBER No matter what difficulties you encounter in footwear, garment industry! We will provide you cutting solutions for you! As you known, GBOS Committed to creating a one stop cutting solutions for our customers, and ensure you can meet the market demand! 

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  • August 5th, 2023, GBOS headquarter, hold smart label laser cutting application. Provide you: Half labor required & Double capacity. All customers came our fully innovation conference are label industry topping leaders, they use our long lifespan laser label cutting machine all the time! Also, other top leading brand give great praise for our machines. Like: SML, Avery Dennison, Lion brother, Li Fung, etc. Now, they start communicating with ” 5.0 New Generation Breakthrough Machine”. How to achieve “Half labor required & Double capacity”, “Labor Replacement”? What the trend for future? They start a meaningful communication. 2021 newest laser cutting solutions for various of labels (Woven label, embroidery patches, heat transfer label, printed label, etc). Product Reviewing: 1) New product publish, GN1080CCD-AT. Auto-feeding laser cutting machine for roll labels! Half labor required, 1 person can operate 5 machines! 2) New product publish, GN1081TT-CCD. Double heads async laser cutting for sheet woven & embroidery patches label! Double capacity. 3) XXP3.1-180-CCD, Multi-label high speed laser marking & cutting machine for heat transfer label, woven labels, and more customized labels. This is the model of the trend for the future! 4) FB07CCD, Automatic soldering iron edge burning machine. 1 person operate 10 units machine, and labor replacement, free...
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