Enterprise culture

After years of development, the Company has gathered many multidisciplinary technical experts who have decades of experience, and senior professional managers who have solid managerial competency. We also have various brand marketing teams that are full of ideas and active thinking. Through an efficient in-house management system, we have united these talents into a group characterized by our unique corporate culture.

We are people-oriented and we keep bringing in and cultivating creative high-caliber talents. Many excellent Chinese scientific and technological experts have come together to work at our technological research and development center, where they research various technologies. That explains why we are able to continuously improve our product performance, win customers' trust, and garner multiple honors such as "Innovative High-tech Enterprise of China".

We value employees as the biggest asset of our Company, because the success of our Company depends on every single employee. 6305 employees all share these leadership principles: to collaborate with customers, follow the needs of customers and markets, explore strategic thinking, establish innovative ideas, develop ourselves and others, overcome difficulties, and achieve goals.

GBOS technology service is committed to developing the Company into a learning organization, in which the development of the Company is closely interlinked with each employee’s individual development, thereby ensuring that the Company always maintains its lead in the industry.