• High-power laser marking machine / Working area: 600 * 600mm
    High-power laser marking machine / Working area: 600 * 600mm
  • Control units and control system
    Control units and control system
  • Product details
    Product details
3D dynamic CO2 laser marking machine
  • Red light preview
  • Large working area, maximum 600*600mm
  • Speed increased up 20%
  • Germany ROFIN CO2 laser generator, life time about 20000 hours
  • Small light spot, strong power, increased up 15%
  • Continuously work
  • Compact structure ,easy operation( the processing area is adjustable)
  • Three Axis dynamic focusing system(Three dimensional dynamic marking system)

Compact Structure And Easy Operation
Original Imported Co2 Laser Generator (germany)
No Black 、no Yellow Edge
Ultra-limit Cutting Is Possible And The Maximum Size Is 600mmx600mm
Intelligent Auxiliary Red Light Preview

Applicable Materials:
Leather、PU、PVC、Garment、Craft & Gift、Packaging、Advertising and so on.

Leather engraving and punching
Leather cut
 Paper cut
Wood carving
Greeting Cards
Integrated for both cutting & marking
Faster cutting, hollowing, burning flowers, etc.
See the video demo
Solve the laser processing challenge
Not yellow edge, no burn edge and no peculiar smell.
Imported Metal Generator
Adopts ROFIN CO2 laser generator, no consumable parts, longer working life.
One button Start/Stop
Green light: start;
Red light: stop;
Easy operation, convenient and fast.
Manually adjust the focal length
Adjustable focal length.

Super fast perforating holes
High efficient perforating, 300 holes per second, 15-20 times than common cutting machines.
Unique optical system 
Solve ±20mm height difference, leading accuracy, thiner marking line, show perfect details.


GBOS Laser Making Machine applicable materials
PU, Jeans, wood, acrylic, paper, leather, fabric, EVA and etc.

Processing Area (mm) 300×600/600×600mm
Gross Power 4.5KW
Measurement(L×W×H) 1720×740×1500mm
System/compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10, AI , PLT , DXF , DST , BMP , JPG , JPEG , PNA , TIF.
Weight(kg)  250KG
Power Supply 220V,50Hz/60Hz,20A
Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃,Humidity(no condensation)30-80%

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