• S30I
  • S30I
    Smart Camera Label Laser Cutting Machine
    • Positioning cutting (or kiss cut)
    • Cut off and feeding
    • Ribbon cutting and automatically remove waste
    • Double working table
    • Rolling label auto-feeding device
    • No yellow or burn edge
    • First choice for seamless artworks
    • Double working table
    Fixed size table for labels in piece
    Feeding table for roll labels
    See the video demo
    Camera positioning and cutting
    According material transformation condition,
    automatic deformation cutting.
    Camera follow the label transformation do grapth
    Solve the problem of cutting edge unsmooth.
    Positioning cutting for any angle
    Multi pattern, any angle positioning and cutting.
    Automatically identifying defect
    Defective products can be selected automatically.
    Multi-design concurrent positioning cutting.
    Positioning cutting for multiple design.
    Giant Label Cutting
    By multiple feature points positioned, achieve large
    size label positioning and cutting.
    Deformation matching cutting(Optional)
    The cutting contour is adjusted according to
    the printing.
    ① Offset compensation.
    ② Deformation compensation.
    ③ Rotaion.
    ④ Linear compensation.
    CCD Automatic extraction (5.0  Optional)
    Effectively identify area: 120mm*90mm
    Automatic tracking and cutting
    Achieving border cutting effect.
    Precise layered cutting.
    Kiss cut heat transfer label.
    Rolling label auto-feeding device
    For automatically feeding.
    Ribbon cutting and automatically remove
    Automatically collecting waste. 
    First choice for seamless artworks
    Adopt metal laser generator, Maintenance-free,
    Long life(over 5 years), high precision , more stable,
    can achieve no yellow or burn edge effect.

    GBOS Laser Cutting Machine applicable materials 
    Woven label, printed label, heat transfer label, embroidery label, fabric, leather, seamless pockets, seamless underwear, etc.
    Model S30I
    Laser Power ≤30W
    Laser Type RF CO2 Laser Generator
    Working area 850×600mm
    Gross Power 1.5KW
    Measurement(L×W×H) 2000×1550×1300mm
    System/Compatible  Format Windows XP/7/8/10 AI, PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG.
    Weight 280KG
    Power Supply 220V/10A, 50Hz/60Hz
    Environmental  requirements Temperature 10-30℃
    Humidity(no condensation)30-80%
    Camera-oriented laser cutting machine

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