LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine
  • Dynamic lens focuses inside focus area in real time based on changes in cutting position, and keeps the focus point continuously cutting on fabrics in perfect precision.
Fast speed
Brushless motor to drive laser head with
high accelerated speed and fast movement speed.
Italian GMI software control technologies, under the
same conditions, achieving faster cutting speed and
shorter switching time between embroidery
machine heads.
See the video demo
The movement precision of laser head is 0.01mm.
Laser position can be adjusted against embroidering
Smaller laser spot.
Multipurpose application
Clothing and accessories/shoe fabric/all kinds
of decorative fabrics/Denim/Textile fabrics/leather.

Multiple safety precaution  measures
Crash pad device(ensure personal safety);
Upper warning light device(warning light prompts during cutting. 
Cooperative development
In cooperation with Italian GMI Strong R&D team research;
Core components, Italian GMI.
Mature technologies(GMI has over 20 years of
experience in marker operation.
Specialized and professional technical team.

GBOS Laser Marking Machine applicable materials 
Clothing and accessories, shoe fabric, all kinds of decorative fabrics, denim, textile fabrics, leather.
Laser source and accessories

CO2 laser tube, optional from 50W to 400W

Germany Safe Mode system  

Italian GMI Stilista 3 Laser Driver software 

LONG laser III K Series 

Cutting scope of 300*300mm

Engraving functions 

LONG laser III Fix Series 

Cutting scope of 500*500mm (standard configuration)

Apply to high-speed cutting of both thin and thick materials

Performs both ordinary cutting and pulse cutting

For engraving function, optional cutting scope from 200*200mm to 500*500mm (before leaving factory)

LONG laser III Plus Variable Series

Adjustable cutting scope from 200*200mm to 500*500mm
LONG Series Laser Cutting Machine

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