Working Mechanism and 5 Advantages of Computer Laser Marker

Laser experts have talked a lot about the knowledge on laser engraving machine and laser sealing machine but less about computer laser marker. Some people ever ask something about computer laser marker. Optical doctor hereby gives you some ideas about the advantages of computer laser marker in comparison to the traditional ones.
In comparison to the traditional marking methods such as electrical chemical corrosion, grinding tool stamping and oil ink printing, computer laser marker has the following advantages:
1. Broad application of the marked materials:
It is applicable to several kinds of metal materials and some non-metal materials, particularly for the metal materials with high hardness and melting point and non-metal materials which are easy to deform and fragile, such as ceramics……  
2. Excellent marking consistency:
Laser marking belongs to non-contact processing, which will not damage cutters if the products are damaged. Therefore, the marking consistency is excellent before and after batch production and particularly applicable.
3. No influence on material and small processing heat affected zone
4. Excellent marking quality: thin light beam, controlled by computer, mark can be minimized as 3.0mm  
5. Patterns can be marked according to the pages, with less programming time, being difficult to be forged
High luminance, directivity, monochromaticity and coherence of laser are incomparable by other light sources. All these characteristics make facula diameter reach micro level and the temperature in focus can reach nearly 10,000 degrees after the focusing of laser beam, so as to make the surface of the processed object gasify instantly. The surface of the object scanned by facula of laser focus point can be permanently marked. Laser technology, together with computer programming and control technology, makes any required marks and pattern on the object surface possible.