If you are about to purchase one laser marker, how will you choose one?

If you are about to purchase one laser marker, how will you choose one? Please refer to the following suggestions:
1) After-sales service:
The laser device of semi-conductor laser marker has certain service life and needs changing after its validity (chip needs changing after aging and it is thus better to select the company with stronger laser device development capacity). This needs strong after-sales service guarantee by the manufacturer, so as to provide all these required materials. Some users may purchase laser marker with lower price from small manufacturers for the sake of saving money and they suddenly find that the manufacturer is no longer there any more when contacting them for changing laser device after certain time.

2) Product quality:
As the saying goes, lay watches the fun, professional and subtle. The same laser marker may be set with different parts. We will give examples below:
a) Stepping motor: it is related to the engraving precision of laser marker. Some manufacturers choose imported stepping motor and some others use the machines produced by joint venture or even motors with unknown brand.
b) Laser lens: it is related to the power of laser engraving machine. Lens can be divided into the imported and domestic ones, among which, the domestic ones are produced in either imported material or domestic materials with large price difference, application effect and service life.
c) Laser device: it serves as the core of laser marker. Since the imported laser device is very expensive, about RMB several thousand, a majority of domestic laser makers adopt domestic laser device. Domestic laser tubes are different from one another with large price difference (please select the product from the company which can ensure the quality).

3) Machine functions:
It would be the best to purchase practical laser marker with proper price. Many users misunderstand that they could buy a laser marker, which is competent from all aspects but it is totally a mistake.